An early build of the Zelda 64 was discovered inside the F-Zero X development cartridge.

If you are intrigued by the pre-release versions of classic games like Zelda: Ocarina of TimeIt can be helpful to read …

An early experimental build has been discovered for Link’s iconic title from the Nintendo 64 generation action and adventure games. It is thought to possibly date back before Space World ’97 and was actually found on a development cartridge containing F-Zero X. This means there’s a lot of content (graphics and maps, to be exact) that hasn’t been cut short in the latest release of Zelda 64.

The source – Forest of Illusion – made the map files from this version publicly available – hoping that they’d be converted into a playable format (it looks like there has actually been some success). It also shows that this is clear Not Part of the Nintendo Giga leak dates back to last year.

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