Aaron Donald and Travis Kelce are the unanimous AP All-Pro Team

Dynamic defensive star Aaron Donald and unstoppable limb Travis Kelsey are the unanimous selections on Friday for Associated Press NFL All-Pro.

Donald and Kelsey swept the vote from a nationwide panel of 50 media members who regularly cover the league. It is the sixth All-Pro pick for Donald, who helped the Los Angeles Rams to the highest-rated defense in the NFL, and the third for Kells to set a record in Kansas City.

„I think the best display of greatness is to make the people around you better,” Rams coach Sean McVeigh says of Donald. „And that’s exactly what it does, the way it affects them every week.”

Chief Broker Patrick Mahomes praised Keyles for the way he approaches his job.

„He does his tail every day and he exercises every day and makes sure he’s ready for those moments,” Mahomes says. „For a man to have this amount of talent, work hard and be able to really learn every day like this, that’s what makes him so special in this field.”

Donald and Kielce will be joined by 15 players who have returned to the squad and 14 newcomers. Seattle midfielder Bobby Wagoner is also making his sixth team.

„The remarkable toughness he showed to the middle back after all these years is off the charts,” says Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

Aaron Rodgers, who led Green Bay (13-3) to number one in NFC, makes his team three, as does the broad Chiefs’ recipient Tyreek Hill. Selected for the first time in offensive skill positions, a 2,000-yard precipice is Derek Henry of Tennessee, Buffalo wide Stephon Digges, who led the NFL in catches and arenas, and Rodgers’ favorite goal, Davante Adams.


„For me, to be honest, I think it was just finding different little things that I could improve on, of course,” Adams says. „I feel like a very complete receiver. … It’s just fine tuning the things I do well and finding a way to do them better.”

Diggs was traded by Minnesota to Buffalo in the off-season, then made a huge impact as the Bills won their first AFC East Championship in 25 years.

„For me, it was like that in whatever situation I would pick or pick, I would have a hug,” says Digges. „The first thing I always try to do is get the respect of my teammates and my coach. And that’s by working on (your ass), and keep grinding and putting That work and allow the chips to fall into place. „

Packs and Colts each have four all-professionals. Green Bay left tackle David Bakhtiari makes his second appearance, and central Corrie Lynsley debut. Indianapolis has DeForest Buckner and Darius Leonard in defense, left goalkeeper Quenton Nelson in attack, and George Odum is the special team. Nelson is a three-time All-Pro, Leonard is a double choice, while Buckner and Odum are making their debuts.

The attack on Cleveland correctly concluded Jack Conklin (second choice), and Washington right-wing Brandon Sheriff (1st).

Also on defense are contestants TJ Watt, captain of NFL bags for Pittsburgh who is in Team All-Pro II, and newcomer Myles Garrett from Cleveland; San Francisco Footballer Fred Warner (First Choice); Xavian Howard (1st) from Miami, leader of the League Intercept, and Galen Ramsay (2nd) from Rams; Safety Lockers are Terran Matteo (third) from Kansas City, Minka Fitzpatrick from Pittsburgh, and Buda Baker from Arizona, both for the second time. There was a tie between Fitzpatrick and Baker at the second safety point.

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Long Snapper site is new to the All-Pro team in 2020, and Morgan Cox of Baltimore is the choice. Chicago Cordarelli Patterson kicks off a fourth time. The rest of the special teams positions are newcomers: Miami soccer player Jason Sanders, New England gambler Jake Bailey and archery returnee Gunner Olschowski.

Repeaters from 2019 are Donald, Wagner, Nelson, Watt, Fitzpatrick, Matthew and Patterson.

In total, the AFC represents 18 players, which are the strongest conference of the season, and 11 players for NFC. Exactly half of the 32 clubs have the 2020 All-Pro.


AP Pro Football writers Josh Dubow, Simmi Buttar, and sportswriters Dave Skretta, John Wawrow, Steve Megargee and Tim Booth contributed.


More from AP NFL: https://apnews.com/NFL and https://twitter.com/AP_NFL

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