„A Quiet Place II” is once again delayed and is scheduled for release in September

Emily Blunt, Millicent Symonds and Noah Gobi starring Quiet Place Part Two.

Paramount Pictures

„A Quiet Place Part 2” is the latest Hollywood movie The global box office release pushed as a pandemic of the Coronavirus Rages in the US This is the third time that the film has been delayed due to the outbreak.

The post-apocalyptic thriller Paramount is now scheduled to premiere on September 17th. The film was most recently expected to hit theaters on April 23rd.

The film is the long-awaited sequel to director John Krasinski’s debut, „A Quiet Place,” which introduces moviegoers to a world where killer and blind creatures hunt on the basis of sound only. The film featured actress Emily Blunt, in a lead role alongside deaf teen actress Millicent Symonds and English young actor Noah Gobi. The three return for the sequel.

The first film, „A Quiet Place,” which was only $ 17 million, grossed more than $ 340 million at the global box office, as moviegoers flocked to the cinemas to experience the thrilling movie on the big screen and in large groups.

This is one possible reason why Paramount, which has actively sold a number of theatrical titles to streaming services in the past year, has delayed the release of the sequel.

In the past, the studio has sold Aaron Sorkin „The Trial of the Chicago 7” to Netflix, „Coming 2 America” ​​and „No Regrets” to Amazon.

The commercial success of „A Quiet Place” and Krasinski’s desire to project the film to the big screen could keep the film out of the broadcast market for now.

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Here’s what the 2021 calendar looks like now that Quiet Place II has been postponed.

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