A Malaysian court ruled the death of Nora Koren in „bad faith”

In August 2019, the body of 15-year-old Nora Ann Koren, who was suffering from learning disabilities, was found in a valley near the Dusun Resort, where her family was staying in Seremban, about 70 kilometers (44 miles) south of the Malaysian capital. . .

On Monday, Coroner Court in Seremban closed the investigation, saying there was insufficient evidence to suggest fraud.

Police had previously ruled this out, but her family questioned the results and said they had never left them voluntarily before.

Malaysia opened an investigation into the death in August at the family’s request, with procedures pouring in online due to coronavirus restrictions.

On Monday, the court ruled that no one was involved in Quirin’s death and that it was most likely she was lost in the woods.

„It was more likely than not that she died of bad luck,” Dr. Maimouna Ed told the court.

„For me to speculate and assume about her actions and involve a third party without any evidence, that would be a breach of my duty, so the investigation is closed under this.”

The family’s lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Her parents, Sebastian and Mape Corinne, officially appeared at the court hearing live as the decision was read.

Her mother, Maybeh, one of the 50 witnesses who testified in the investigation, said that she believed her daughter could have been kidnapped and accused the authorities of not taking her concerns seriously.

However, the police said there was no evidence that Corinne had been kidnapped and insisted that her investigation was thorough.

An autopsy confirmed this Quoirin died from internal haemorrhageProbably because of prolonged hunger and stress.

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